The Brief

The brief I have been given is to brand a contemporary furniture company/manufacturer, which will launch in Sheffield in 2017. I will have to take on various roles, including the brand manager and the designer in this project. I am going to investigate, research and analyse any marketing context to help me become more aware and knowledgable about the subject of branding and specifically about my selected design style for the new company.


Qbd. Quality Bespoke Furniture. A quirky furniture company targeting new, younger home owners. The design is simple and clean, while looking professional and modern.

The Brochure

The original idea of the whole concept of the company was to be able to visualise your furniture in your home with out having to imagine it. I envisaged making a pop up book that you would be able to piece together pieces of furniture. When designing the brochure, I wanted to keep it clean, modern and simple.