Rebranding Sheffield

In support of Sheffield Design Week I have branded what Sheffield is today. I have used the character, values and strengths that I recognise in Sheffield to communicate what made Sheffield unique. I came up with the brand “I can in Sheffield” which I hope sends a message that you can do practically anything in Sheffield and designed a series of posters communicating this message.

Travel Pass

The ease of travelling around Sheffield is a massive attribute to the city, so designing a travel pass was a must when re-branding Sheffield. I took a lot of inspiration from the poster campaign, and kept it quite similar, to make it recognisable. I also added the travel South Yorkshire logo, to show it was in support with travel South Yorkshire.

The App

To help people find out more about Sheffield I wanted to design a website or an app so they could use it if they were looking for a place to eat, or looking for something to do, maybe go to a museum or an art gallery and they simply wanted to know the opening times or the number for the place. I wanted it to be an app full of information that was simple and easy to use and could be used by people who live in Sheffield or by people who are visiting. I used parts of my posters, so when people see the app, they connect everything to each other straight away.

The Wall

I made my own board, called ‘I can in Sheffield’.  I want the board to work in a way that people are free to go up and write what they like (within reason) about what they can do in Sheffield. For its position, I wanted it to be in a well known place around Sheffield, so I have chosen the city hall, however realistically it could travel all the way around Sheffield, which would give more people go to write what they want. I have added an image of the concept idea to the side of the city hall so you can see how I would want it to look. If this was ever used to re-brand Sheffield, it would be a great way to get the people of Sheffield involved as well, and could create a bit of a landmark and a place for people to have a photo when they visit Sheffield.